It was last year when I purchased my domain name, it sounded cool, was available(also it had htrap in the end \0/) ,so i took it. Soon I had a hostgator Baby plan(:p) and was hooked to setup my blog on wordpress. My journey took a halt with the dilemna of having an apt theme and the correct set of plugins. Who can start blogging without them, right? So i ended up making four different websites(on that same baby plan hosting ;)) for my friends by adding features that they wanted but my own website wasi just my playground for experimenting wordpress themes and plugins.

Finally I came to the conclusion that having a lot of options will just confuse me, so i took down that baby plan and started with github pages, a playground for developers. I wanted something simple like on Mark Dotto and Zach Holman's blog.So i ended up using my current theme.

I hope that my laziness cannot keep up with this new endeavour of mine and i keep on posting regular blogs, because I have had ideas for blog posts in the past which only existed on paper until that paper got lost :p. I'll aim small and go for 1 blog a week, which I might raise if i start to enjoy it.

I have yet not updated the CNAME file of this repo to , would do it once i reach 10 blogs, just to be sure of my consistency or else the url would be too good to be used by my lazy blog. For now should suffice.