After implementation of the bulk function, the next task was to clean up my code in accordance to syslog-ng standards. To acheive that the following standards were taken care of throughout the code I had written so far :

  • Indentation should be done only with spaces,
  • Each indentation level should be of two spaces,
  • '{' is indented with 2 spaces inside from the preceding line,
  • No space before '(' unless it is after an if, switch, = or while
  • For any other doubts I looked at the existing syslog-ng code which used the syntax in doubt

After this I realised that the code used for calling riack_setop_set (flush_lines times) during the set bulk mode

if (self->flush_lines)
    for (idx=0;idx<self->flush_lines;idx++) 
        riack_setop_set (setop,

used to re-initialize after every log-message hence the bulk mode was failing to work. The problem was, riak_worker_insert function is called every time a log message is received, so the index value(idx) lasted as long as the message lasted and then was again reinitialized to 0 which wasn't requried.I wanted the flush_lines, idx(now flush_index) and setop(where we store the bulk messages in buffer) to last until the flush_index becomes equal to the flush_lines and then push it to the riak node. Anything that has to live longer than a single call to riak_worker_insert(), everything you want to persist from one message to another, has to live in RiakDestDriver's structure which is a sort of a persistent storage hence flush_index, flush_lines and setop were added into the RiakDestDriver's structure.

Now to check for the memory leaks, I used valgrind in the following steps:-

  • used G_SLICE=always-malloc valgrind --tool=memcheck --leak-check=full --verbose --log-file=syslog-ng.valgrind.log --suppressions=$HOME/syslog-gsoc/syslog-ng/contrib/valgrind/syslog-ng.supp sbin/syslog-ng -Fvde -f etc/syslog-ng.conf in my installation path of syslog-ng i.e install_new/syslog-ng.
  • After issuing the command I used a simple script for i in {1..5000}; do echo commandlogtesttext$i | nc 12345; done to send messages to riak in set bulk mode.

  • This created a syslog-ng.valgrind.log file with showed all the major leaks that had to be fixed.

Also earlier the riack_client_connect() function was being called every time just for a check, instead of that I added a function riack_client_is_connected() to the library which returned 1(connected) if client->fd >= 0 else 0(not connected) if client->fd == -1 also I did set client->fd =>-1 in riack_client_new()and riack_client_disconnect so that client->conn became redundant and be removed.