On a Sunday, March 9th 2014, along with a couple of my friends , I had gone to attend an event put together by FSMK at their office. The Major attraction were the GSoCers from previous years who would interact with the crowd(us). I had heard about GSoC from friends, had done some reading about it online but never had first hand information about how it was like going through their journey. There were both students and mentors from past years that struck to me as a different , Why different you might ask?. It was not their skin color,not their age, not their accent,not their way of talking, It was their t-shirt. Each one of them was wearing a bright GSoC t-shirt which seperated them from the crowd. According to them it was a matter of pride to wear it because you cannot buy these in a store, or order it online. You had to earn one of these. That was the time I told myself "I want one !!".

Due to a series of life altering events I ended up being a digital nomad, internet was the one place that made me happy and content. There was quiet an amount of procrastination involved but i will get to that in my next blog. I started learning different languages,started attending different meetups, I literally looked up How to's for everything, just to see how different was the method that different people took to do the same things' and which one was the best. It was the beginning of March when I decided that I should try for GSoC this year. Luckily the organizations were declared on the 2nd and I was instantly hooked in by reading the docs on melange.

Since we could submit a maximum of five proposals, my initial plan was to do the maximum proposals as that would increase my chance. Soon I shortlisted 5 organisations and started talking to their mentors and working on their code, fix a few bugs, But soon I realised(the talks on #gsoc channel on irc about proposals helped me) that it was impossible to submit 5 good proposals just because of the time each one of them required. So I dropped that idea and brought my list down to 2. One was a RoR based project and the other was a Golang based.A couple of days later i was looking through the accepted orgs list just to see if i had missed some good projects I could work in and i came across Syslog-ng(my current organisation \0/). They had a project idea called Riak Destination(sounds like a game right :p) which had some cool things listed under What the student will learn. I immediately searched for the mentor on the org irc channel and pinged him showing my interest to apply for the project. @algernon gave me his mail id and suggested me to mail him a few basic things and the questions I had for the project. I soon recieved his reply, the quality of student-mentor interaction and the learning opportunities i might get as a student from this community made me drop the other orgs and started working on a single proposal Project - Riak Destination(still sounds like a game :P).

The proposal was a headache i must say, so much research had to be put in and even after that you could feel that something was missing. What was it??????? Mentor feedback! @algernon(my mentor) gave me the feedback for my draft proposal which made me realise the things that were missing from it and increased my clarity towards the project. I submitted my proposal a week before the submission deadline and started improving my C skills(the language we chose too build the project in because of its speed). The waiting period after the proposal to the result date was around a month and was really like hell.

Finally the results were out and I was in :) \o/

So now this is the community Bonding Period that is going on in which i have managed to setup this blog and take the Potential user's feedback from the two communities around which my project revolves . I got to know a few bottleneck situations that I need to be carefull of while coding. Cant wait for the coding period to start.

I wonder what color is my GSoC t-shirt(which will be delivered after project completion :( ).